My 2011 Lenten Journey

Discipline…it’s a touchstone of many Christians’ Lenten journey.

We give up something we enjoy, or take on acts of mercy or self-care that deepen our sense of connection with Jesus.

A couple of years ago, I gave up shopping for clothes and other non-essentials.  That discipline not only transformed that Lent – it has changed my behavior.  I don’t spend my day off window-shopping any more.

Yesterday, I signed on for a 12-week fitness program that will provide nutritional counseling, weekly personal training, and a weekly bootcamp workout.  There is a “Biggest Loser” component to it, but that will not be my aim.

Why this challenge?  I don’t know any of the other people taking on the challenge.

Why now?  Because it is Lent, and somewhere in the rhythm of my journey of faith and life the practice of self-discipline at Lent runs like a silken thread.

I hope to report that after 12 weeks I have lost inches, I look better and I feel better.  I also hope to report that daily exercise has become an integral part of my life again.

What are you doing differently because it is Lent?