Describe a Recent A-ha! Moment

Well, it is very recent…and it is one that I feel some shame about admitting:

I am not a very patient care-giver to sick family members.

The Captain came home from work about noon yesterday with a stomach virus … achy, puke-y, and all the other assorted stuff that comes with such a bug.

I made sure that we had ginger ale and soda crackers, and tried as best I could to make him comfortable.

But I became more and more frustrated with the situation and with him as he went from couch to bed to bathroom to  recliner to other bathroom to couch – touching every throw and blanket and hard surface we’ve got around here.

I feel really badly that he feels so badly…but as I watch him (and listen to what is going on in the bathrooms!), I know that I am preaching this weekend, and that I do not want to catch what he has brought home!

And so while trying to help him get comfortable here there and everywhere, I have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers sitting everywhere.

I am not as patient with my sick family members as I am with congregation members  (but then, I am not around them 24-7, either).


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