RevGals Friday Five – Talkin ‘Bout Pop Music

Mary Beth over at RevGalBlogPals, writes…The sad news of Michael Jackson’s untimely death has me thinking about music and its effects on us – individually, as cultures, as generations. Let’s think about the soundtracks of our lives…

1) What sort of music did you listen to as a child – this would likely have been determined or influenced by your parents? Or perhaps your family wasn’t musical…was the news the background? the radio? Singing around the piano?

Our family listened to many different types of music, but one I remember with great fondness is Harry Belafonte’s Live album. The Captain and I picked up the cd a few years ago, and our teens enjoy it with us sometimes.

We sang a lot too. My mom sang with a Sweet Adelaines Chorus for awhile. My dad has a wonderful baritone voice. One of my most precious childhood memories is listening to him sing “O Holy Night” as we drove home from Christmas Eve services on a snowy night. The wind was blowing white around our little black VW bug and the car was just filled with his soulful singing.

2) Going ahead to teenage years, is there a song that says “high school” (or whatever it might’ve been called where you lived) to you?

Paradise by the Dashboard Light, by Meatloaf

3) What is your favorite music for a lift on a down day? (hint: go to and type in a performer/composer…see what you come up with!)

We have a compilation of island music that perks me up and gets me moving. It’s titled Thongs in the Key of Life 2

Another “pick me up” is Mr. Blue Sky by ELO

4) Who is your favorite performer of all time?

Wow, can’t pick just one! Harry Chapin, Dan Fogelberg, Jimmy Buffett

5) What is your favorite style of music for worship?

I enjoy the ancient hymns as well as new music. I can worship God with all of it. I do get particular about too many “me and Jesus” songs. I like worshipful singing that is expressive of the Body of Christ.

Bonus if you include a video of any of the above!

Harry Belafonte singing Matilda!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary Beth
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 10:08:36

    MEATLOAF! Awesome. hope you are the lake & relaxing…listening to the music of nature!


  2. Auntie Knickers
    Jun 27, 2009 @ 17:10:18

    Harry Belafonte songs were a big part of my childhood too. Your link to "Matilda" was great — but then it made me think of the Allan Sherman version "My Zelda" — put in "My Zelda" on Youtube and pick the one with a guy named Dave and a lot of people in choir robes. Not bad!


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