Friday Five: Positive Potpourri

Will smama writes: As I zip around the webring it is quite clear that we are getting BUSY. “Tis the season” when clergy and laypeople alike walk the highwire from Fall programming to Christmas carrying their balancing pole with family/rest on the one side and turkey shelters/advent wreaths on the other.

And so I offer this Friday Five with 5 quick hit questions… and a bonus:

1) Your work day is done and the brain is fried, what do you do?
I go to Taekwon-Do – then brain and body can both be fried!

2) Your work week is done and the brain is fried (for some Friday, others Sunday afternoon), what do you do?
I engage in Holy Nappage on Sunday afternoon.

3) Like most of us, I often keep myself busy even while programs are on the tv. I stop to watch The Office and 30 Rock on Thursday nights. Do you have ‘stop everything’ tv programming or books or events or projects that are totally ‘for you’ moments?
Cleveland Indians baseball

4) When was the last time you laughed, really laughed? What was so funny?
I laughed good and hard Tuesday at a political joke my husband sent me.

5) What is a fairly common item that some people are willing to go cheap on, but you are not.
Coffee – we drink Leelanau Coffee, which magically appears on our doorstep once a month. Of course the bill for it magically appears on our credit card too – but it is soooo worth it!

Bonus: It’s become trite but is also true that we often benefit the most when we give. Go ahead, toot your own horn. When was the last time you gave until it felt good?
Last Monday evening at our local March of Dimes fundraiser and a week or so before that as Spiritual Director of our area Via de Cristo weekend.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mrs. M
    Oct 31, 2008 @ 08:46:00

    Sunday afternoon naps are fantastic. (I find I take more of them once it starts getting cold.)


  2. will smama
    Oct 31, 2008 @ 18:14:00

    Taekwon-Do. When The Boy gets a little older I am definitely going to look into that.Thanks for playing.


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