Friday Five: Location, Location, Location

Singing Owl is anticipating her daughter and family moving to stay with her for awhile. SO… this post, appropriately, is about locations. She invites us to tell us about the five favorite places we have lived in our lifetime…

I have lived in more than a dozen places, but I will comment on the most memorable ones here:

1. Louisville, Ohio
Our family moved to this northeastern Ohio town of 8,000 or so in the late ’60’s and I lived there through graduation from high school in 1978. L-ville is still a small town with some beautiful old Victorian and Georgian-style homes, and a “Friday-Night Lights”-style obsession with high school football. We lived in two homes while I was there, the second being a wonderful home my father built for us. I loved my room; it had a wonderful window seat dormer and my first and only walk-in closet!

2. Numazu, Japan
I spent my junior year of high school as an exchange student, living in this seaside city at the foot of Mount Fuji. I absolutely loved my year there – I lived with four host families over the year, accommodations ranging from an apartment above a pharmacy and a penthouse above a private orthopedic hospital, to a sprawling country home with a separate bath house fed by a hot spring.

3. Columbus, Ohio
University and seminary study led me to this capital city, which in the seven years I was there was speedily morphing into a sophisticated artsy metropolis. From cozy dorm rooms to a half-double on 16th Ave that deserved to be condemned, to more dorm rooms, to the “white house” on Parkview and finally another half-double in Clintonville, my homes in Columbus were places where my worldview and my vocation were shaped and confirmed.

4. Toledo, Ohio
First call led me to this city of 250,000 over 23 years ago. I rented a small bungalow, and then purchased my first home, a ranch-style. But the Toledo home that I hold most dearly is the 1916 Dutch Colonial that I purchased as I began my second call. I dreamed of the distinctive two-directional oak staircase before I ever saw it. The house had been held in a trust for nearly a dozen years, and looked like the Money Pit when I first saw it: oriental metallic wall paper in the foyer, and a kitchen whose colors made you want to run screaming out of the house (avocado, grey, yellow, and scarlet). But the man who would become my husband and my parents convinced me that we “could do this” and we did – turning this house into a showcase. Our marriage was begun here, our children nurtured here.

5. Sylvania, Ohio
14 years ago I was called to this community, a suburb of Toledo. We wanted to live in the community I would serve, and so we began looking for a home. Most of the housing cost far more than we wanted to spend, but we found a great home, and have slowly steadily made this two-story our own. We’ve opened the kitchen into the family room, added a front porch, and decorated some of it to reflect our love for Northern Michigan. The wall paper in the half bath makes you feel as though you are in the middle of a birch grove!

Bonus: In “retirement”, we want to live in Northern Michigan in the Leelanau Peninsula. Here’s a picture of the fall colors I took on a visit there last week.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Auntie Knickers
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 14:52:00

    Ooh, pretty! (The Michigan photo, not to mention Mt. Fuji). You’re quite the Ohioan!


  2. LutheranChik
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 15:56:00

    We are planning a “Michigan Room” with framed art and mementos of our favorite spots in northern Michigan…the Leelanau is definitely represented!


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